Brow Sculpting


3D Brow Sculpting

is a treatment that is performed using a textured skin paint custom mixed to suit each individual client. It is applied to the brow area using a special applicator, creating 3D strokes that give the illusion of natural brow hairs.
This treatment fills the gap in the market between brow shaping, tinting, brow make up etc and the likes of brow tattooing and micro blading. Offering clients something a little bit more long lasting than tinting and a little less permanent than tattooing.
3D Brow Sculpting is the perfect treatment for anyone who is brow obsessed, it can be done on anyone whether they have full thick brows or no brow hair what so ever.


3D brow sculpting is the art of apply a textured sculpting paint to construct complete brows, or fill in gaps or reshape  brows.
The 3D brow sculpting paint is applied in thin hair strokes to imitate real hair, giving a raised texture on the skin.
Tints can appear flat on the skin, this is why the 3D brow sculpting paint looks so natural.
The 3D brow sculpting paint is custom coloured to match clients hair colour with the use of mineral 3D sculpting brow powders.


Brow sculpting



The procedure is done in a sterile environment with focus on safety.



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